Alison E Brueggemann

Owner & Founder, MadeByAlison

I am the founder and director of a boutique design and communications business, MadeByAlison. You may be familiar with some of my clients: The Lowry, Red Cow, Highland Bank, Custom House St. Paul, and Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum.

I provide a range of services for my clients, from branding & brand consulting, art direction, print design & production (including books), website design (including information architecture, wireframes, and user interface). I have a strong project management background. It has proven to be the foundation of my business accomplishments, including my long-term client relationships (3–6+ years), my expanding role as creative director, and continuous project growth.

I am a strong and diligent believer in design as a process. Good questions and careful listening lead to a well-defined strategy. A well-defined strategy leads to strong creative solutions. Strong creative solutions inspire new questions and further refinement. I believe the design process is key to effectively managing a collaborative effort and reaching consensus as a group.